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The Ao Vua resort is located in Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district, former Ha Tay province, 70 km west of Hanoi.

 From Hanoi, you can take the Thang Long Highway. Take the Thang Long Avenue, turn right on Highway 21, go to 105, turn left, go straight to the Ao King. Or follow Route 32, go straight to Son Tay, turn left to Institute 105, turn right at the crossroads and go straight to Ao King.

 Come to Ao King, you can visit many different sights: Yacht - ethnic garden; Animal garden; Waterfalls - Ao Vua stream ...

 Ao Vua Resort is a place where there are many attractive and adventurous games such as multi-purpose house, Formula 1 racing ... for you to enjoy the experience. If you stay overnight in groups, you need to register with the resort to set camp fire at night, which will be a very enjoyable and memorable experience. Very full services include: canvas, camp, fire and loudspeaker ... depending on your needs. If you are a student, before you go you should also bring food and drink available for food that does not fit the taste is not economical.

 In Ao King there are many beautiful scenes, the vast green forest with murmuring streams murmuring through the night, the sound of the birds of the forest, the fruit of the animals, the leaves and the landscape should be charming. If you have to bring a camera to capture to save the most beautiful scene for yourself.


1. The First Communion - Tien Luc Commune, Lang Giang District, Bac Giang

   Every year, on the 9th of the first lunar month, the people of Tiên Lục - Lạng Giang revel in the warm spring and the bustling atmosphere when the traditional Tet festival is over.

 The first event took place at the Vien Son communal house, Thuan Hoa family and Phuc Quang pagoda, creating a large space for this festival.

 Going to Tien Luc in the spring blooming flowers, plants thrive spring blooming hill, green mountains poetic so that you will not be surprised by the image of a thousand years old plants stand silent on the roof of the family Far Son paints the footprint of the five months.